Elementor #35

Your Diverse Graphene Product Provider

GOLeafe produces graphene oxide (GO), reduced graphene (rGO), as well as various doped derivatives (boron, phosphorus, silicon and nitrogen), through our innovative, eco-friendly, patent-pending production process. 

The frontier of producing graphene derivatives and graphene-based product applications

We are excited to bring some of the first graphene-based product applications to the market!

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Meet Our Founder

Arsheen Allam has a strong background in material science, engineering, and business and was named to the 2019 Forbes List of 30 under 30 in Energy. In 2008 she co-founded CNanoz, a nanotechnology-based company focused on developing water purification solutions. At CNanoz, Arsheen developed an interest in Graphene that eventually resulted in the launch of GOLeafe. Arsheen is responsible of the development and commercialization of GOLeafe’s technology, as well as strategic vision and execution. Arsheen has Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering and a Master’s degree in Global Innovation Management — both from North Carolina State University. She also holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.