About GOLeafe

Our story


In 2008, graphene produced by exfoliation was one of the most expensive materials on Earth. At present, most of the market for graphene is still not in commercial areas, because of the high price of the material. At GOLeafe, we have put ourselves at the forefront of this market, by solving the biggest problem the market has – price. Our team of materials scientists and chemical engineers do this through a revolutionary patent-pending production method that uses solely organic input materials in place of harsh chemicals and high-energy inputs, thus making us both more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

A scale-up of our unique production method will allow for us to use graphene as a platform technology to commercialize various graphene-based products at competitive pricing to existing technologies. The GOLeafe team has not only developed a method of producing graphene 10x cheaper than other methods, we have also developed graphene derivatives; please see our ‘ Current Products’ for more.